Believe’s Mission Statement

Believe Yoga Studio came into existence because of a giant leap of faith.

 It is a place where those who believe in themselves can experience wellness, balance and a sense of calm. 

Believe empowers all to take the journey. 

Step onto your mat and into your community.

Roxanne and The Believe Yoga Team Welcome You to our Studio


Sun salutations are also known as Surya Namaskara.  It is a sequence of poses that stretches your major muscles, cultivates concentration, and gives you a sense of meditation with movement to flow through your Yoga practice. Sun salutations raise energy and stamina while we inhale and exhale in co-ordination with the sequence.

Traditionally there are twelve steps to a Sun Salutation which can be incorporated into your Yoga practice or simply done on their own throughout the day when needing energy.

A great way to create “inner fire” to re-energize yourself to enjoy your day.



What does Namaste mean?

This gesture is usually done at the end of class because the mind is less active and the energy in the room is more peaceful. It is done by bringing the hands together at the heart with the eyes closed and the head bowed. It is a gesture that represents the belief of the soul in one by the soul in another. Nama means bow and te means you…therefore Namaste means the connection between each other.

Yoga teacher’s do the gesture as a sign of gratitude and respect to the students for being part of their yoga class. It allows individuals to come together energetically with a clear mind from their yoga practice to connect so a union can develop.

It is a moment of respect and kindness towards all in the room.

Namaste from Believe Yoga Studio,