Believe also offers classes year-round that are non-heated. Please note that during the hot summer months we are a non-heated studio with the exception of a few classes.


This class will focus on the whole practice of Yoga. Yoga asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises) help to bring balance to the body. This class will help you to increase your flexibility and strength, improve your balance and deal with stresses in our daily lives. Relaxation will be incorporated to establish a deeper connection to yourself and help you feel rejuvenated. Beginner, intermediate and more advanced variations of the asanas will be provided with a focus on proper breathing and safe alignment. Whether you are a novice or more experienced with Yoga, you will leave this class feeling the inherent balance of being both recharged and relaxed.


  • Learn relaxation techniques that can quickly change your mental, emotional and physical being.
  • Guides you into a healthier lifestyle, relieves stress, and allows our bodies to experience physical gratification, both through the poses and the benefits of being in the gentle Infrared Heat.
“I not only feel more flexibility in my body, and happiness in my heart and mind…I have been relieved of digestive problems my body was experiencing…thank you!!.
“I love the comfortable heat created by the infrared, and the flexibility I have experienced after several weeks. I love feeling healthy”!!
“I feel at home the moment I step in the door, and  I leave feeling energized, happy and focused. I have been attending for nearly a year now and the health benefits of the infrared have made a vast impact in all areas of my life, both emotionally and physically. I feel alive again”!!


Designed for those wanting a gentle paced class with focus on breath in combination with postures. Gentle movements, breath awareness and meditation will help you move towards healing. Step away from the stress of the outside world and access the wisdom that resides within you.

Allows the body to open which releases stress and tension to aid in increasing flexibility and mobility. Enjoyable for beginners, those with health concerns, or those who enjoy a slower pace to connect within themselves.


  • Helps to get the body out of stress-mode, release tension, calm the nervous system, and promote clearer thinking.
  • Restores an overall sense of balance to the body, the mind and the soul through stimulating your body’s natural healing ability.
  • Increases flexibility which leads to increased mobility and less chance of injury.
  • Promotes emotional well-being and helps to reduce and manage anxiety and depression.

“I was so curious about Yoga but so nervous to try a class… this is the perfect class for me!”

“I felt completely at ease and enjoyed the movement in my body that was accessible to me with the poses offered during this class. I did not feel there were expectations put on me; rather there was encouragement.”

“This class offers me self-healing both physically and emotionally that I can also practice at home. I refer to this class as ‘Therapeutic Touch’ for my body, heart and mind.”

“I never came to a class before because I am unable to get up and down without assistance. A chair was provided for me without me feeling awkward, and I was pleasantly surprised as to how included I felt during the class. If this is your situation I encourage you to come and experience this class.”


A dynamic style of Yoga in which you will build heat, endurance, flexibility and strength. The postures, also known as asanas, are connected through synchronized breath to movement to inspire a balance between physical, energetic, mental, intuitive, and pure bliss states of consciousness. Modifications will be offered throughout the class, so you can choose the level that suits you best. You can choose the first level of modifications offered, and truly experience the effects of alignment with a connection to the breath; or you can choose the intermediate to advanced level for a more dynamic, vigorous practice. We at Believe Yoga encourage you to listen to your own body throughout the practice and poses offered.


  • Builds muscle, endurance, flexibility and strength, as well as focus for the mind and body to work together.
  • Promotes weight loss and a toned body which enhances confidence and self-image.
  • Strengthens all areas of the body to give you the ability to take both your Yoga practice and other fitness activities to a higher level.
  • Improves posture and agility, as well as brings clarity to your mind as you concentrate on your breath.
“I have gained strength in an amazingly short time, as well as a more toned body”.
“I lost those last pounds that I have wanted to be gone for the last few years after attending classes regularly for a few months…I am so much happier and healthier”
“My mental focus has improved, and my complexion is beautiful. The infrared heat is essential for my well-being”.
“I am stronger, more energetic and flexible…all due to Yoga”.
“The time passes so quickly…and my clothes fit me better after just a few weeks! I am surprised how quickly I was able to enjoy this class …. I feel very comfortable and a sense of acceptance at Believe while challenging myself to participate in this class. My friends and family keep asking me why I look so much younger and happier. I keep encouraging them to try Yoga at Believe, and they too will see the benefits. Before Believe Yoga, the extent of my experience consisted of a yoga app and a mat in my living room, but then I found this studio, and felt welcomed and encouraged. Their instructors are easy going, helpful and convince me to challenge myself within my abilities. Their classes successfully manage to cater to all experience levels, and I cannot get enough of the studio”! 


Yin Yoga is the opposite of all other types of Yoga. Yang (all other Yoga types) practice holds the postures for a shorter amount of time and usually with the muscles working. Yin Yoga is practiced with the muscles relaxed and held for a much longer period of time. Yin is primarily concerned with ligaments, joint capsules and connective tissues. Most Yin postures are on the mat (non-standing) and are held for a minimum of two minutes each!


  • Physically benefits the connective tissues around the muscles and joints to maintain agility and mobility.
  • A Yin practice also helps maintain our emotional health as the nervous system is calmed and the mind is encouraged towards stillness while the poses are held for varying periods of time.
“Yin Yoga takes away the busy thoughts that race through my head, and allows me to connect my thoughts through the deep stretches for my muscles while focusing on my breath. The infrared benefits provide the safe, warm heat that allows my muscles to gently work towards their full potential without over-working the targeted area which alleviates the risk of injury”.
“I have recently come back to my Yoga/Running combination practice. I am training for a 50k Ultra Trail race coming up in a week. I took a month off Yoga due to funds and a decision to try another craft with my run training all to find out that my body better responds to Yoga with high mileage run training. I am so pleased with my recovery after long runs of 20-35k when I include Yoga, specifically Yin, as it gives my body, ham-strings, IT bands, calves and lower back the deep stretch it requires to go out and do it again the next week. I sleep better, run more efficiently, am more balanced, and loving every part of my Ultra training designed by my coach. Thank you Roxanne, and SOLE EXPERIENCE run coach, Eric Muller for the journey and balance you have provided me with…I am enjoying the run”.


Combining the best of both practices. This class brings the lengthening and stretching qualities of yoga together with the muscular strengthening exercises of Pilates. Alignment principles, breath focus, standing, seated, and supine postures are encompassed in this class. This class will help build the foundation of your practice. Modifications will be given to accommodate the needs of each individual, so do not be shy to attend this class.


  • Develops a strong core which leads to alleviating back pain, and creates better posture.
  • Promotes strength, stronger muscles for a leaner appearance, and increases flexibility.
  • A great calorie burning class to aid in weight loss and toning your body.
“Pilates has helped me achieve core strength, and has alleviated my back pain, as well as helped me drop a few unwanted pounds…I am hooked!!”
“I love Pilates for the effective workout and variety of exercises offered in a fun, enthusiastic and motivated setting. Each class I gain more knowledge from the instructor that I am able to use daily to help towards better posture”.


Yoga involving moving the spine in all directions, and opening the body with long held, fully supported poses. Overall health is enhanced by a healthy spine. Restorative yoga is a soothing and nurturing practice that promotes the effects of conscious relaxation, with the benefits being: lowered heart rate, lowered blood pressure, better digestion, and improved sleep…just to name a few!!


  • Reduces stress, blood pressure, sugar levels and muscle tension.
  • Improves quality of sleep and reduces insomnia.
  • Improves mental awareness and enhances patience within yourself, as well as with others.
  • Recommended for those who want to enjoy supported Yoga poses with the infrared heat, and also for those struggling with chronic pain both physically and emotionally.
“Most Friday evenings I go to the Restorative Yoga class at Believe. I let go of the tension, worry and fast pace of the week by relaxing and enjoying what each class has to offer me. There is no expectation of what or how to feel. All of the poses are fully supported by props and bolsters which are offered freely at Believe. I always feel nourished, well rested, blissful, and fully supported after every class. Restorative Yoga helps me face the world”.
“This class helps me decompress and nurture myself through the supported poses that Heather ensures are correct for my body. I am grateful for this time I dedicate to myself for restoring my mind and body as my increased happiness has radiated towards my family and friends”. 


This class is a gentle paced class with focus on stretching & relaxing while combining the use of breath with postures. The combination of the two allows the body to release tension, tightness and promotes relaxation. It will always be your choice how deeply you choose to stretch. This class is a great choice for those who are beginners, those with health concerns or those who enjoy a slower pace. Suitable for all.


  • Reduces tension, promotes relaxation, balance, calmness and a sense of peace.
  • Promotes flexibility for those who are super stiff to those who are super flexible.
“I love the mindful, meditative way this class encourages the body to stretch; I always feel wonderful…even the next day”.
“The aches and pains I was feeling in my body due to arthritis have drastically reduced with the Infrared Heat and gentle movements in this class”.


Explore a gentle, guided meditation in a calm and comfortable setting, for all levels from first timers to advanced practitioners. Inspire the mind, ground the body, and deepen your connection within yourself. You will learn tools to reconnect with yourself throughout your day, and discover how to start or rekindle a personal meditation practice on your own.


  • Better sleep at night which leads to more energy, better concentration and memory retention during the day.
  • Helps us understand our emotions and reactions.
  • Allows us to tap into our own creativity and intuition.
  • Helps us to deal with the management of chronic pain whether it be physical, mental or emotional.

“Believe is a studio that provides a safe and supported journey to experience meditation”.

“My weekly meditation practice has helped me enjoy a significant increase in my clarity and focus for my work and personal life”.

“My anxiety is much less when I attend regularly”.


Yin provides a deeper stretch primarily concentrating on ligaments and connective tissues. Encourages slow and safe stretching for excellent stretch release while providing the body greater strength and stamina. Excellent choice for runners to help open hips, pelvis, and the lower spine. A good class for beginners to advanced fitness levels.


  • Improves flexibility of the body’s connective tissues and joints with an emphasis on hips, thighs and the lower spinal area.
  • Slows the aging process and helps reduce risks associated with mobility issues.
  • A great counterbalance that leads to improvement with other sports, activities and power Yoga in your life.
  • Beneficial in leading to develop a meditation practice.

“The inflammation in my joints has significantly decreased. The infrared benefits provide me a safe, warm environment to enjoy the stretching and strengthening my body responds to so well when playing the sports I enjoy”.

“The class is wonderful for my body to be held in the long stretches, while my mind enjoys a wonderful release from the chatter”.


Yin aspects of Yoga focus on the deeper, denser tissues of the body ~ the joints, bones and connective tissues. Poses are held for longer periods with mindful awareness of the sensations and thoughts which arise.

Yang aspects of Yoga incorporate rhythm and repetition with dynamic and strengthening poses. Yang builds our  strength and bone density.Yin/Yang represents opposite or contrary forces which are actually complementary & interconnected. A Yin/Yang practice combines passive and active poses into a very deep, integrated and balancing practice.


  • The Yin component physically benefits the connective tissues around the muscles and joints to maintain agility and mobility while encouraging our mind towards stillness as we hold the poses for a period of time.
  • The Yang component builds muscle, endurance, flexibility and strength, as well as focus for the mind and body to work together.

“My two favorite styles of Yoga in the same class! I love to enjoy movement and then the slower & relaxing pace of Yin poses on my mat”.

“The Yin calms my mind & the Yang movements make my body feel wonderful”.


This class focuses on stretches typically held for 2-5 minutes lengthening through the muscles, and up through the connective tissue, tendons & ligaments. The goal is to increase flexibility and have improved mobility.

As you engage in the physical side of Yoga through these deep stretches, the teacher will also guide you through the principles and deeper aspects of the practice of Yoga. In the tradition of Satsang (meaning to gather in truth), the teacher will explore topics that help us to discover the inner peace and sense of connection that is always within us.


  • Reduces tension, promotes relaxation, balance, calmness and a sense of peace.
  • Promotes flexibility for those who are super stiff to those who are super flexible.
  • The instructor will offer her own words of encouragement of living with sincere respect for ourselves and others through  love & kindness.

“My body loves the movement of stretches as my mind enjoys listening to the instructor offering thoughts on how to live a life of awareness”.

“The words of kindness and compassion offered by Carol (the instructor) have truly been of value to me ~ both on my personal journey and with my family, friends and co-workers”.


  • Re-news and invigorates your body and mind to a healthier state promoting stress relief, calmness & harmony within yourself.
  • Encourages mobility and flexibility for your body today and during the process of aging.
  • Yoga is beneficial for all physical conditions, sizes, weight, or age as beginner poses are very gentle on your body.
  • Feeling stronger, more confident, flexible and resilient is just the beginning. The benefits of Yoga are endless & you will find your emotional and mental health evolve into a happier state.

“I attended one class which made me feel more at ease and relaxed knowing my body could do the poses that the instructor would teach in classes ~ I now know that I can actually do  “Downward Dog” and enjoy it!”

“I was able to ask questions in the relaxing environment without feeling intimidated and now feel confident to join in so many of the classes I used to shy away from”


This class offers specific pre-natal poses designed to aid in a more comfortable pregnancy for you and your baby. The instructor will offer you poses beneficial for keeping your body flexible and aligned as your body transitions through your pregnancy. Breath exercises will also be offered to help you during the joy of your baby entering our world. This class will offer you the most benefits by attending each week, however it is also designed so you can attend as you desire. (Pre-registration required four hours prior).


  • Offers your body support through the adjustments and changes that occur during pregnancy.
  • Specific poses offered to stretch your body and keep it strong to ease the process of your growing baby.
  • Prepares you to be open, present and calm during the delivery of your baby.
  • A time for you to care for yourself and your precious growing baby.

“I learned how to do poses that helped alleviate the lower back pain I was experiencing”.

“The breathing exercises were valuable to me during the delivery of my baby”.

“The physical movements helped my body feel good through pregnancy and offered  me comfortable positions when experiencing difficulty with movement, sitting and sleeping while my body was changing so rapidly. This time dedicated to myself was very special to me to connect with myself and my baby. The breathing techniques helped me many times throughout my days leading up to the delivery of my baby.”


This class focuses on poses that promote relaxation, restoring and rejuvenating your body, mind and emotions. The poses offered will help us unwind from our busy lives to cultivate awareness helping us to pause as the stillness and relaxation nurtures us.
You will notice your mind slowing down as your body is comfortable to allow you to rejuvenate and have a break from your responsibilities ~ the rejuvenation of yourself then radiates to all those around you with the benefits trickling to the many people in your life!
Our intimate and cozy studio beautifully illuminated with candles; the offering of cozy blankets and props to support you in your poses will embrace you to relax almost instantly!
  • Improved sleeping patterns from the over-stimulation of our busy lives.
  • Happier moods as the gentle movements and focus on meditative style breathing helps to reduce our racing mind and tired body.
  • Better concentration as our mind and body has an opportunity to rejuvenate which leads to a sharper mind and memory.

“The candlelight soothes my mind instantly, and I feel the stress leaving my body even before we begin class”.

“My family and friends notice I am happier and not as emotional ~ particularly my spouse and children ~ my attending has improved our home life”

“I don’t dread going to work anymore and feeling “scattered” ~ I feel more productive and secure in my role at the office”