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I became curious about Yoga during a time when I was wanting to be open to explore what my next phase of life would offer. I became more passionate about Yoga when I realized that it was calming my mind, while at the same time offering me great physical benefits.

My background was in healthcare, but it always saddened me with the endless stream of people coming to the Emergency Room for stress related illnesses that were preventable. It was in the Royal Columbian Hospital Emergency Room when after seeing yet another patient that was just simply stressed, I thought to myself, “Take the time to encourage your wellness instead of treating your sickness”.

I enrolled in the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program and during that time, I realized I needed to combine my love of Yoga and my desire to open a business. I also knew the tattoo I had done after some turmoil in my life that reads “Believe” would be the name of the studio. I took a giant leap of faith and Believe Yoga Studio became a reality on November 12th, 2012. I have also taken additional training in Restorative and Yin as my desire is for all to experience calmness through Meditative styles of Yoga.

As the owner, I surrounded myself with wonderful instructors who each bring their own unique personality and skills to the studio, and also want to contribute to bringing wellness and joy to other people. It is not only me who “Believes”…it is all of us here at Believe Yoga Studio who “Believe”.


Heather came to yoga to relieve her back and knee pain she was having from running. After experiencing the positive and powerful healing benefits of yoga, Heather was compelled to take the teacher training program at Kushala Yoga. Heather believes yoga is for everyone and finds great personal joy in helping students discover what is right for each person. Heather continues to deepen her practice through study and by teaching. She feels blessed to be surrounded by a beautiful community of teachers and practitioners who give so much, and are a constant source of knowledge, guidance and inspiration. Heather is also extremely grateful for the support she has received from her family and friends, and especially her two children, Ashtyn and Tate. When Heather is not practicing or studying yoga, she will be found outdoors participating in hiking, skiing, running, cycling, snowshoeing, or walking her dogs. Heather has a great love for all forms of physical activity.

Heather is registered with Yoga Alliance RYT 200, and has taken additional training in Restorative, Pre-Natal, Kids, and Yin. She is currently working on her 3rd age and Senior Yoga training. Heather is also a certified Pilate’s instructor in Standing, Mat and Pre-Natal exercise.


head-shot-nicoleNicole began practicing Yoga in 2008 to compliment her professional dancing, but she instantly fell in love with the philosophy of Yoga and the self-study that it inspired within her. She ventured out to Ottawa, Ontario in the summer of 2010 to take the 200-hour Hatha Yoga teacher training at Rama Lotus Yoga Centre, combining her training with a family visit. It was a deeply enriching experience for her and she feels blessed to be able to share her knowledge and energy with others through teaching Yoga.

While teaching and practicing Yoga, Nicole was introduced to Pilates. She immediately experienced the value of the Pilates system to her body and her overall well-being. She completed her Mat Pilates teacher certification at the Physical Mind Institute in Vancouver in March of 2011.

Before teaching Yoga and Pilates, Nicole was a professional belly dancer, teaching and performing belly dance across Greater Vancouver and Ottawa (her former residence). She is enthralled with movement and healthy living. She is an enthusiastic chef and will often bring her homemade vegan goodies to class to share. Nicole is the dedicated mother of two young men; Kino and Kale and being their mother is, to her, the greatest privilege in the world. Nicole is also an avid traveler and has traveled extensively across the globe. She speaks three languages fluently and a smattering of several others.



My journey on the path of yoga began in 2005. I had just completed a grueling round of breast cancer treatments and was physically and emotionally broken. I needed something to get my life back on track and to find a renewed sense of energy. I tried a Hatha Yoga class and I immediately found myself on the path to health and happiness. Yoga transformed my body and my mind, and I gained a sense of balance and ability to focus that I did not know was even possible for myself.

Six years passed and my yoga practice had become such a part of my life that it seemed natural to start sharing yoga with those around me. I completed the 200 hour teacher-training program and became a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and have not looked back since. I believe each person’s yoga journey is unique and I want to provide each person the support they deserve to achieve their own personal goals.


Bhavna initially started her teaching career with Bikram and then went on to study the Mastercore series with Tony Sanchez.

Recognizing Yoga as a lifelong journey of practice, learning and sharing she decided to further her knowledge. In 2015 she studied and trained with Karen Waite (200hour), Sean Corn (Vinyasa), Bernie Clarke (Yin) & Leslie Kaminoff (Principles of Anatomy) and has since completed additional trainings with Mark Stephens and Nicki Doane.

As a mother of three active children she also recognizes the importance of teaching the future generation the benefits of staying healthy, strong and balanced for life. She is also a certified Yoga kids teacher and owner of Namastekids where she teaches classes utilizing Dr. Howard Gardners theory of multiple intelligences.

Always embracing new learning opportunities she is looking forward to what the future has in store for her. She feels truly blessed and grateful to be able to do what she loves and invites you to come and discover a class that’s right for you. She is a Yoga Alliance certified teacher and currently teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, Restorative, Yin, Kids and Perinatal.



Carol has been a student of Yoga for the past 20 years, and a teacher of Yoga for the past 8 years. With inspirations stemming from Therapeutic Yoga, dance & human connection, she blends these elements into each class, inviting students to find healthier relationships within themselves and others, through a gentle style of sacred movement.


Lisa-Marie has a very dynamic & broad range of history in regards to spiritual health & wellness. Along with her passion to encourage LOVE daily, she is eager to nurture the well-being of her community. Lisa-Marie is grateful for her teachers and fellow humans that have helped expand her abilities.

Lisa-Marie is both a Certified Wellness Massage Provider and a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher. Lisa’s energy is both calming, as well as vibrant with a strong desire to be connected to those she meets throughout her day.

To schedule an appointment, or if you should have any questions, please call Lisa-Marie @ 778-868-9428



Mira’s personality is fun, energetic and playful offering you a strong Yoga practice. Mira’s lightheartedness, encouragement and playfulness in her dynamic classes is contagious and will have you easily moving through your practice with enjoyment. Mira’s dynamic style will help you build strength in the stronger classes she leads, or if you have come to your mat for a more gentle experience, she will strive to have you connect with your mind, breath and physical movements to leave your mat feeling both calmer and rejuvenated. Mira also brings a strong focus to alignment in her classes, as well as introducing new poses for you to have fun in building your Yoga practice.


Peggy tried Yoga with a friend many years ago and for the first time in her life, felt like she could breathe – really breathe! This had a profound effect on her and she eventually found her way to Yoga teacher training. A few years ago, she discovered Yoga Nidra Meditation, and realized she had to investigate it further. Peggy is now working on becoming a fully certified iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation teacher. Her specialty is Gentle Yoga with Meditation sprinkled in. Peggy is grateful to share her practice with the community at Believe Yoga.



Asia is a passionate Yoga teacher, lifelong learner, certified Doula and Reiki practitioner. Through her teachings and healings, she strives to hold a compassionate space for her students to connect inward uniting mind, body and breath finding the healer within themselves. Asia found Yoga and its teachings from a very young age influenced by her parents. She soon learned later in life these tools of self-reflection, Mediation and Yoga were necessary parts of her emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing. Asia teaches the importance of breath throughout her practice to demonstrate how the breath is the bridge between mind and body. She has a passion for self-care, holistic living and all things birth related. Asia has a special interest and certification in both Pre-Natal & Post-Natal Yoga to offer the specific & supportive practice of Yoga through this very special journey. Asia completed her 200-hr Yoga teaching training in 2015 and has begun her  journey of the 500-hr Yoga teacher training through Red Door Yoga.


Susanne began her Yoga journey after taking her first class in 1997 and falling in love with the practice.

She believes that through Yoga we begin to understand,  feel true contentment, and consequently understanding and living in harmony inside ourselves and with others. Susanne describes her style of Yoga as combining compassion with awareness, ease and strength in equal measures. She focuses on an individual’s overall well-being placing an equal emphasis on their physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual dimensions.  When Susanne is teaching, she strives for her students to find balance on all of these levels providing them with the tools they can use in their daily lives off the mat.

Susanne completed the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program in 2005, Prenatal Yoga, Kids Yoga & Restorative Yoga. Her passion for Yoga continued to grow leading to the completion of the 800 hour Leila Stuart Yoga Therapy program, and Madhuri’s Ayurveda & Yoga course in 2016.

Susanne is available for private Therapeutic Yoga sessions, and through her in-depth knowledge will assist you through your healing journey.

To schedule an appointment, or should you have any questions, please call Susanne at 604-771-2720.


Christine’s Yoga classes can be both serene and playful, as her passion for fitness and holistic wellness have brought her to a deep satisfaction with the combination of Yoga, Ayurveda, Reiki and Meditation. You will blend movement with breath, often rediscovering openness in places you didn’t realize were closed. Expect to be welcomed warmly to class, and left with inspiring words to reflect on.

When not in the Yoga studio, Christine can be found on the trails hiking, often with her energetic dog Devon, or on the water kayaking. Christine also loves to travel the world, recently exploring India and Nepal, and looking forward to adventures in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.
“Whatever makes you feel the sun from the inside out – chase that.”  – Gemma Troy
Mariah is a horse-loving, purple-obsessed, outdoor adventurer and travel enthusiast. She spends her free time relaxing with her horse Anna and planning her next worldly adventure. Mariah was first introduced to Yoga at 14 years old and discovered it helped her through anxiety and low self-esteem which led her to set the goal to practice Yoga weekly. Mariah completed her 200hr training through Red Door Yoga and hopes to pair her knowledge of Yoga with her degree in the mental health field to help those living with anxiety. Mariah’s classes offer a welcoming and supportive environment.


My journey with Yoga started around 2005 when I was working at a desk job and all around unhappy with where my life was heading. I went to my first Yoga class and I was hooked; this was the outlet I needed. Yoga opened up my mind, body and soul to all of the abundance the universe has to offer. It allowed my body the movement it so desperately needed, and expanded my mind in ways I never thought possible.

In 2015 I took the 200 Hour Yoga training which further allowed me to open up my state of consciousness, and have also completed trainings in Restorative and Yin. While traveling South East Asia I taught Yoga to help me further develop myself and my teachings. I am also a Reiki practitioner as well as a Spin instructor. As a student in the Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation program at Douglas College, I look forward to teaching my future clients the many benefits Yoga has to offer.


Yoga is instrumental in helping Sandi live in the moment with chronic neck pain, shoulder and back pain due to previous injuries. Through this journey Sandi developed the desire to help others connect to their inner selves through the physical practise of yoga and find relief from their chronic pain.

Sandi teaches with compassion, dedication, and therapeutic knowledge helping students work into the pose that works best for them. Sandi may use methods that include meditation, visualization, and pranayama breathing techniques to still the mind and relax. She will always ensure your alignment with poses is safe and correct for you.

Sandi lives her life with gratitude for each day teaching many styles of Yoga to offer you an enjoyable experience.



Eleven years ago when Shelly’s maternity leave was coming to an end she made a radical decision. She chose to leave her job as a spa and retail manager with the goal of pursuing a new path, the path of Yoga. She tried talking herself out of it on many occasions, but in the end decided to simply return to her mat again and again and see where it lead. She has never looked back.

Shelly trained at one of Vancouver’s oldest and most well respected Yoga studios, Semperviva. There she was introduced to a large variety of Yoga styles as well as the international Yoga communities most prominent teaches including Gurumuhk, Sarah Powers, Max Strom, Seane Corn, Sadie Nardini and Rolf Gates, just to name a few.

Years before Shelly began the physical practice of Yoga she was engaged in the practice of Meditation and Reiki, so when she was introduced to the teachings of Micheal Stone and Sarah Powers it really struck a chord in her. Both of these teachers blend Yoga with Buddhist mindfulness philosophy. You will find this mindfulness approach layered into her classes.

Shelly feels fortunate to have the opportunity to share her passion for Yoga with the students that she encounters. It has been and continues to be a journey of connection, growth, expansion and love; a path that gives meaning to our lives. Shelly is focused on the full experience of Yoga and the transformative nature of this simple practice when all of the intricate layers are woven into the equation: physical, mental, emotional & energetic.

In addition to teaching Yoga Shelly is a musician with a passion for music. She sometimes leads our community in Kiritan (the Yoga of devotion ~ think musical meditation). In class you can expect the best play lists, occasional live instruments, and the best Om the Tri-Cities has to offer!


Growing up in Maple Ridge, B.C. playing various sports, Chelsea has a deep understanding of the importance of Yoga for sport injury prevention and living a happy and healthy life. Chelsea spent the past year traveling and completed her 200h YTT from Kula Collective, in a small surfing village in Bali before returning home to the West Coast. Chelsea loves the outdoors, exploring other countries and educating others about the importance of wellness and self-care.
Chelsea focuses her classes on connecting with one’s breath and being mindful. She invites you to explore their practice, while providing a safe and welcoming environment. Chelsea has a strong love and passion for community connection, volunteering with youth in her local community teaching the benefits of Yoga and wellness. When Chelsea isn’t on her mat, you can find her hiking a local mountain, playing golf or hockey.

Bio pictureSUSAN

Susan is a Reiki Master/Teacher whose spiritual journey has let her discover a true passion and love for energy healing.  She is a gifted intuitive and it is through her beautiful connection to the angelic realm, that she has nurtured and fostered her healing gifts.  Susan wishes to use these gifts and expand into leading group meditations, helping to heal the mind, body and souls of others.   Susan believes that through meditation and connecting with your true self, one can help bring the body to a deep restful state in which self-healing, true inner peace and happiness can occur.