Take the time to encourage your wellness
instead of treating your sickness

Welcome to the Believe Infrared Yoga & Fitness Studio website

Our studio offers a variety of classes both with infrared radiant heat  and some non-heated classes. We are located in Meadow Vale Shopping Centre on the south-west corner of Lougheed Hwy & Harris Road.

**ALL Summer Classes At Regular Temperature**


  • Infrared Heat is a beautiful radiant heat that works by using your own body’s energy to heat the room through invisible light waves as you move through your yoga and fitness routine.
  • Infrared Heat is similar to sunlight and is used to heat incubators for premature babies so it is completely safe.


  • Encourages your body to expel the toxins and impurities from your cells into your blood stream which then releases in the form of sweat
  • Warms your muscles and joints through increased blood flow which aids in a stronger and more limber body
  • Strengthens your immune system and fights bacteria while at the same time energizes your metabolism
  • Promotes a more relaxed, healthier, vibrant you inside, which shows outwardly in glowing, radiant, detoxified skin and a more confident you

Believe Yoga Studio encourages you to practice yoga for yourself with the intention and mindfulness to encourage the physical benefits.